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About Dan

BBC True DeclarationI’m a factual producer, specialising in high-end TV productions, particularly factual dramas - 90-minute fully-scripted films, telling extraordinary stories that are provocative, compelling and true.

The ‘true’ bit is me.

I have a track record in looking for subjects that catch the eye of channel controllers, I find witnesses and talk to experts - and I piece everything together in a treatment.

I work with executive producers in gaining a commission, then I move into the production stage, closely supporting the writer’s creative vision.

As a former journalist with BBC News, I have a strong understanding of broadcast law and best ethical practice.  I assemble research and use it to appease fire-breathing commissioners, lawyers, and editorial policy advisers, sometimes I publish it as books.  I have a flair for rooting out the heart of the story, I find hard-to-reach people and ask them to tell me difficult things they might never have talked about before.

I offer something that’s more cost-effective than lawyers, more qualified than script editors and a shortcut to creative integrity.


Career Highlights

As well as work with Brook Lapping, Blakeway and ITV Studios, career highlights include:

2016 Factual Producer (project in development) BBC 90’ factual drama
2015 Factual Producer - The Gamechangers BBC 90’ factual drama
2013 - 2015 Development Producer BBC Factual Department
2011 - 2012 Factual Producer - The Challenger BBC 90’ factual drama 
2003 - 2011 Head of Research Dangerous Films
2010 Factual Producer - Last Day of the Dinosaurs Dangerous Films 90’ CGI 
2009 Factual Producer - Moonshot Dangerous Films 90’ factual drama
2009 Author - Moonshot Ebury Press book
2008 Assistant Producer - When We Left Earth Dangerous Films six-part history of NASA
2008 Arranged rare interview with Neil Armstrong Dangerous Films When We Left Earth
2007 Arranged interview with President George H. W. Bush Dangerous Films When We Left Earth
2007 Assistant Producer - Diana: Last Days of a Princess Dangerous Films 90’ factual drama
2007 Arranged rare interview with Mohamed Al-Fayed Dangerous Films for Diana
2006 Assistant Producer - 9/11: The Twin Towers Dangerous Films 90’ factual drama
2006 Assistant Producer - Blackbeard Dangerous Films 90’ factual drama
2006 Author - Blackbeard National Maritime Museum book
2005 Tracked down 200 survivors and victims’ relatives Dangerous Films 9/11: The Twin Towers
2005 Researcher - The Iceman Murder Dangerous Films 60’ drama documentary
2004 Author - D-Day 6.6.44 BBC/Imperial War Museum book
2004 Researcher - D-Day 6.6.44 Dangerous Films 90’ factual drama
1998 - 2003 Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC News various outlets
1995 - 1998 Broadcast Journalist BBC Regions various outlets